Paramount Flooring


Paramount Bucks County Collection

The Bucks County Collection is the newest collection from Paramount Flooring.  It is available in 12 colors and 4 species Hickory, Ash, Maple and Acacia.  This is 1/2 inch engineered product available in a 5 inch width or 3,5,7 inch random width.

Unlike lower quality brands that use machinery to mimic the scraping process, each plank of Bucks County flooring is worked by the human hand to produce a true handscraped finish.  Rather than cutting corners on quality, it is the scale of production that keeps our cost down. Offered in 5 inch planks in 6 colors.

Paramount Classic Collection

Paramount’s Classic Collection is made up of species that are harvested and milled in North America, including Oaks, Maples, Hickories and Walnuts. These are smooth faced products with 2 or 4-sided bevel for a defined look.


Paramount Estate Collection

The Estate Collection features products with a handcrafted look. This includes handscraping, hand sculpting and/or a chiseled edge.  Handcrafted hardwood give the look and feel of long lasting character.  They look great in both traditional and contemporary designs.


Paramount Exotic Collection

The Exotic Collection includes Paramount’s most popular products from around the globe. They make a great statement in any room at any budget and are all Lacey Act compliant.