Mullican Flooring

Originally known for unfinished solid flooring cultivated from Appalachian forests, Mullican has since grown into an international competitor with a broad range of prefinished, engineered and exotic products cultivated from around the globe. Today, they offer more than 1,500 products available across the United States.

Starkly beautiful and available in multiple textures and species, their products are subjected to perhaps the most intense quality control measures in the industry. At the same time, they are considered industry pioneers in terms of sustainability of local as well as international forest lands.

All of Mullican’s prefinished and unfinished solid flooring is produced in the United States, along with a substantial amount of our engineered floors. With intense oversight from Mullican’s quality control engineers, the processes at all production sites adhere to current regulatory and sustainability standards.

Mullican’s prefinished engineered products are available in cherry, hickory, maple, oak and walnut, as well as a number of exotic species. These products are offered in 1/2- and 3/8-inch thicknesses, and with 3- and 5-inch width options. They are also offered with a variety of surface treatments and color combinations.

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Mullican Wood Flooring