Tile & Stone conjure up images of buildings and sculptures that have withstood the test of the time.  The Parthenon, the Forum, Michelangelo’s David, Versailles, just to name a few.  Not only are these structures durable and timeless, but their natural beauty is beyond compare.  When looking to make the ultimate statement in your own castle, the use of tile and stone is the natural choice.

The tile and stone category offers endless options. You can choose from products that include ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, and a variety of natural stones including granite and marble.  Each product has distinctive characteristics and looks, and varies widely in performance, cost, and look.  Consult your flooring expert about the look you are trying to create and they will help you to design a solution that makes a statement that is all you.  Be sure to ask about the total cost of ownership.  The cost of the tile or stone is only one component of the total cost.  Installation and maintenance cost can vary significantly and you should be aware of them before making your purchase.  Tile is generally more cost effective than stone and easier to maintain.

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Tile & Stone Care

Seal your grout after your floor or wall has had sufficient time to cure. The process should be repeated annually.  This is critical to prevent moisture from seeping under the product.  Also, it will help to preserve the color of your grout.

Only use manufacturer recommended cleaners to clean your tile and stone.  Typical household cleaners can be damaging to some types of stone.

Quickly wipe up spills to protect againt stains in your grout and some porous stones.

Sweep or use a vacuum (without a beater bar) to pick up dirt and grim.  Dust and use a damp mop on a regular basis.  Wipe off residue to avoid leaving a film.  Avoid excess water.

Add floor protectors to all furniture.  Lift, do not slide furniture when moving.

Use mats in doorways to catch dirt and moisture. Door mats provide a first line of defense and prevent messes from being tracked onto your floors.