Laminate Countertops

Both durable and stylish, laminate countertops generally come at a lower price than any other material, making it a worthy contender for those with a limited budget. Aside from affordability, minor upkeep and a variety of colors and patterns are the most appealing features of laminate versus other countertop materials.

At Lawrence Interiors we sell Nevamar, Pionite, Formica and Wilsonart laminate brands. If you are considering new countertops, we encourage you to stop by and view our vast sample selection and let us help you to determine the best material for your needs and budget. Learn more about the specific brands below.



Nevamar CountertopPerformance. NEVAMAR® HPL is the brand name for our line of durable, high performance, high pressure laminates (HPL). NEVAMAR® HPL continues its long-standing tradition of design and technical innovation featuring a broad selection of quality products. Today, our High Pressure Laminates are more versatile than ever. Simply look at our selection of over 20 specialty laminates and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

NEVAMAR® HPL also features our exclusive Armored Protection (ARP®) that resists wear and keeps our laminates looking new longer. For over 30 years, Nevamar Armored Protection® has been recognized as a performance standard among decorative high pressure laminates. Every day, Nevamar with ARP® proves its toughness in schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports, retail shops and other commercial environments. With Armored Protection, Nevamar® laminate has more than twice the wear protection than standard laminate (ANSI/NEMA LD3 test method). Also, with our GREENGUARD certification you can be assured that you’ve chosen one of the best HPL products for our environment. Wherever there’s a lot of activity, there’s NEVAMAR®.


HPL is composed of layers of kraft paper, a single layer of decorative paper with a solid color or design, and finished with a protective layer that can have printed design accents or other decorative features. NEVAMAR® comes is a wide assortment of treatments designed to withstand fire, chemicals, abrasions and the general wear and tear of high traffic areas. NEVAMAR® HPL is fit for high-use applications on surfaces in hospitals, stores, hotels, offices, lobbies, restaurants, and educational institutions.


Formica CountertopFormica® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is manufactured through fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature to create a hard wearing, durable and hygienic surfacing material. The Formica® Colors, Patterns and Woods ranges are high pressure laminates which are available in horizontal grade postforming (HGP) as standard, while flame retardant HPL (VFP grade) is also available on request.

The Formica Group is a leading manufacturer of HPL. Its innovative and complementary products are available in a wide selection of colours, designs and textures; some even incorporate real metal foils.

HPL is robust and hygienic and bonded to a substrate offers countless design and application opportunities for a wide variety of environments.

It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces and can be heated to hold a curve, making it the ideal solution for furniture pieces, column casing, wall panelling, counter tops, doors and more.



Wilsonart Countertop 2Wilsonart® offers three difference collections to choose from: Standard Laminates, Premium Laminates, and Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminates. The standard laminates offer a variety of colors and patterns each with an attractive combination of great looks and superior value. The Premium laminates are a step up in design and performance, featuring AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology, which dramatically outperforms traditional laminate for wear and scuff resistance. Lastly, but certainly not least, the HD® High Definition® lamiantes revolutionized laminate with more than 50 beautiful patterns. Offering easy care and durability along with style, they are not only gorgeous, but practical as well.








Pionite CountertopPionite® High Pressure Laminates (HPL) come in a vast array of colors, wood grains, abstracts, finishes and custom prints making this an ideal surface for almost any horizontal or vertical application. HPL is composed of layers of kraft paper, a single layer of decorative paper with a solid color or design, and finished with a protective layer that can have printed design accents or other decorative features. Fit for either residential or commercial applications including countertops, vanities, cabinets, store fixtures, furniture and much more.