Available in our showroom are samples of Artisan Group granite and marble. The Artisan Collection includes granite and marble countertops in a variety of unique colors. However, granite and marble are natural stone slabs cut from the earth so variation in color and movement will occur.

Granite is a naturally formed stone composed mainly of quartz and feldspar, crystallized under tremendous pressure deep underground, and mined from quarries around the world. Every granite countertop can be considered a limited edition because there is a finite supply of granite at any given quarry. Due to its composition of quartz and feldspar, granite is more durable than softer stones such as limestone or travertine, making is highly scratch resistant.

The Artisan Stone Collection™ is backed by an exceptional Lifetime Warranty, including stain protection against food and beverages. However, given the nature of the material, some pits and fissures are likely to occur in the countertops. For this reason, they will come with a 10-year sealant already in place but will require additional sealing throughout their lifetime. While the upkeep is minimal, it is important to understand the natural elements involved in selecting granite.

About Artisan

Artisan Group is an elite, North American network of independent countertop professionals. The Group is among the first granite fabricators in the world to have achieved full accreditation with the Marble Institute of America. Every member has been individually accredited by the MIA through rigorous testing on quality, safety and service. This extensive network of members allows the organization to offer the highest quality granite, marble, soapstone and wood surfaces imported from the best sources around the globe. Utilizing the most technically advanced, automated shops in the industry, highly skilled craftsmen ensure that each and every installation meets exacting standards.

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