Since 1928, Karastan has built a reputation as the premiere brand of high quality floorcoverings. Their legacy is built on quality, style and craftsmanship.

Karastan engineers the best quality into every square yard. Their state-of-the-art technologies in tufting, weaving, dyeing, backing, finishing and inspection combined with the use of only premium fibers ensures that their carpets are designed to perform, enhance your home and be easy to clean. Their rich coloring and innovative styling, paired with premium precoesses and technologies result in America’s most trusted brand of floorcovering – Karastan.

The Karastan Satisfaction offers a comprehensive Customer Assurance Warrenty, but beyond the warrenty, they understand what matters most is providing customers with a beautiful carpet that is long lasting, easy to maintain and prefectly suited for one’s home. For more on the Karastan Satisfaction click here.


These carpets and more are available in our showroom: